[6 types of workplace bullying! ]

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post by Amanda
by Amanda

Jan 25, 2021 Post at 3:25 PM
What are workplace bullying?

Most people would think that their seniors or supervisors are just picky at work, or feel that they don’t get along with a certain colleague, or even suspect that it’s their own fault. But have you ever thought about it? In fact, these may be a form of workplace bullying!

Let me tell you today that if you encounter the following situations, you are actually experiencing [workplace bullying]!


Companies you may be interest in

Yelling, humiliating, or threatening you publicly or privately


Whether in front of others or in private, they have no regard for your dignity, publicly humiliate you professionally, even scold you for your lack of effort, and try to intimidate you with laws or punishments!


Continuous personal attacks

Make fun of or mock your appearance, even Thailand Phone Number List confuse your work performance with your appearance, and continually tease, humiliate, or threaten you in a joking manner!

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Demeaning or deliberately criticizing you


This includes devaluing everything Austria Phone Number List about you, your suggestions, your position, your value, your potential, etc. Constantly criticizing or questioning your contributions and efforts, and continually denying your existence.


Finding faults



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