Global Advertising Spending to Its Previous Prediction

Increase next year. By formats, digital spending will continue to lead with 57.1% of the spending expected for 2023, reaching $422.8 billion at the end of that year. This figure will be supported by the growth of channels such as video (+7.1%), paid social (+13.5%), search (+7.2%) and retail media (+22 %). According to a study published by IAB Europe and reported by Adweek , marketing professionals are increasing their partnerships with retailers as part of their plans to improve consumer.

Reach Through Retail Media and Offset Dependence on Cookies

Which each time it should be smaller. Almost all other channels will also see growth job function email list next year. Advertising investment in television will increase in 2023. By 0.2% to reach $182.7 billion, outdoor advertising , +2%; cinema , 6.1%, and audio.  However, newspapers and magazines will continue to experience declines. With a forecast of -3.6% for 2023. By market, Asia-Pacific (APAC) is expected to record the most positive trajectory, with growth of 4%.

Middle East and Africa (Emea) Region

Followed by the Europe, with 3.8%, and the Americas, with 3.7%. The impact of inflation on advertising B2B Database investment Due to macroeconomic challenges . More than half of the markets analyzed in the report (30 out of 58). Were revised downwards heading into 2023 compared to the report published in July 2022. Factors such as inflation or the general rise in fuel prices are expected to have an impact on spending by both consumers and companies.

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