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It is better if the sticker is in the center there it is more noticeable. Step four publish your story. Subscribers will now be able to complete the survey. Questions and tests Among the stickers in the stories, there are two more interesting tools questions and a test. Let’s see what these stickers are for. Requests. You can ask subscribers any questions in the stories. For example How can I help you promote your Instagram account? Subscribers will be able to write their answer directly in their stories. questions on Instagram Application for viewers.

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When creating a sticker, you can change the color of the poll from standard white to black, blue, green, orange, etc. Test Suitable for tests and quizzes. Here you have to ask a question and add multiple answer options. For example Guess my Croatia Mobile Number List favorite TV show. Quiz on Instagram Test example And the answers are Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Check the box next to the correct answer it will be highlighte in green. How to delete a poll on Instagram If you change your mind about asking users something, you can remove the sticker.

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To do this long press on it and drag it to the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen. Yes, it’s that simple. But deleting after publication can be difficult. So be careful when creating your story. Where to see the results of the complete survey B to B Database Of course, interesting polls on Instagram are not neee for beauty. We can see the results in the statistics. If you don’t know how to open it, do the following Click on your avatar in the list of stories. Click the number of views. That’s all, at the top there will be general statistics, that is, the number of those who answere Yes and No or any other option that you wrote.

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