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There is an opportunity to prove that you are an expert on some issues. Ask your audience what promotions, sweepstakes, channel offers, or stories have taken place recently. This will once again fix the subscriber’s attention to the promote product or service. Ask a question on topics of interest to readers. The more often you contact your audience in Stories, the more visits and reach you will get. Poll Stickers Instagram Poll Stickers On Instagram, you can create an emoji slider poll or a simple two choice poll. What you can use the survey sticker for find out the opinion of the public about the content, service, product by attaching a link to the survey.

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Increase site traffic create such questions that it would be impossible to answer without clicking on them follow the composition and requests of the public. It is very important to show that the survey is not conducte for the sake of the survey, but leads Ecuador Mobile Number List to changes in services, products and content. Be sure to share the results with subscribers and indicate what steps were taken to optimize. This greatly fuels the attention and enthusiasm of readers. Be sure to keep track of attendance statistics. Instagram Stories doesn’t include the option to unvote a poll, so the data will be unbiase.

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Sticker slider Instagram sticker slider A sort of rating scale. This is a quick poll you don’t even have to type in the answer, just swipe the screen. Here’s how videos, images, photos, and the survey itself are ranke. There is a smiley on the sticker, which nees to be “pulle off” to some extent. A very simple task, the higher the score, the further the smiley B to B Database moves along the scale and vice versa. Templates and layouts With templates and layouts in stories or apps, you can surprise your subscribers not only with unusual themes, but also with creative designs in survey design.

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