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Subscription starts from rubles per month when working with one account. However, you will not be able to re link multiple accounts to this license, contrary to the first post of this article. In addition, at rubles. The ability to send to Direct, like, or communicate in Direct is not include. For everyone to add features that you have to pay for The cloud version does not have an activity scheuler. Only available in the desktop version. There are quite a lot of opportunities for working with the public, its research and filtering. But there is no spy function here yet you can’t target, for example, only new subscribers of a competitor. But we wouldn’t be surprise if this feature comes soon.

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The arsenal of platform features is quite large and well develope. Everything is very cool and comfortable. The downside, they say, is a large number of co payments You must understand that Tuligram is divide into cloud France Mobile Number List and desktop versions. It is very nice when there is an opportunity between such a choice. But there is also a downside, for example, the cloud version has automatic deletion, while the desktop version does not. This also applies to some other features. Of course, I would like to see everything in one window and preferably cloudy.

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This service, as you can see, has its drawbacks. But its popularity is growing, as everything is maintaine at the proper level. Good and fast support, regular updates, periodic discounts on other services and products of the developer company. We can B to B Database say that Tuligram is the “iPhone” among Instagram promotion services. You can try days for free. Bosslike A platform that offers to subscribe, like, leave comments. There is an option to delay posting. Despite the limite functionality, the service has its own peculiarity payment for services is made with points that the user can earn by performing simple actions.

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