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Instagram promotion analysis. We are learning to analyze audience reach and growth using services and an integrat analytics system. Working with utm tags. As a result, students receive a Skillbox diploma, the basic knowlge to create and promote an account. Ability to work with bloggers and create target advertising. Teachers — Yulia Lomova founder of InstFormation, the first sales agency on Instagram, Elena Piskareva author of the Instagram promotion website naoblakax. Yulia Magas PR director of EPICSTARS, Nikolai Smirnov director of the skill box program. The duration of the course is months. Cost, rubles. At a discount, there is an installment plan for months.

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Online course Target advertising on Facebook and Instagram Online training on creating target ads on Instagram The course includes academic hours and exercises. The only certifi training program in Russia and the CIS. The duration of the study is from to months. Certificate upon completion of training. The course program consists of thematic modules Sri Lanka Mobile Number List Advertising strategy. General principles and differences of target advertising. Types and methods of attracting customers. Competitive analysis, development of hypotheses, drawing up a portrait of a reference goal. Get ready to launch ads. Create an ad account in Ads Manager.

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Campaign goal types, UTM tags, targeting settings, pixel settings, and ad launch. Development of advertising content. Development of advertising and creatives for different target audience Viral posts. Techniques and cases to increase conversion. Advanc ad settings. Rating management methods. Audience settings appearance, retargeting, behavioral factors. Lead forms, fix rates, presentations, chatbots. Analysis and optimization of B to B Database advertising. KPIs and performance indicators, reporting in Yandex. Metrica and Google Analytics, conducting a b and split tests. Content marketing we get many times more potential customers. Developing a content strategy for your company’s business goals. Working with influencers, the secrets of increasing the number of subscribers. The cost of the course is, rubles.

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