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If there are more of them, you will have to use additional accounts, control the balances on each of them and spend a lot of time on the routine. Paying rubles for sites is not stressful, but limiting the number of projects greatly hinders work on the flow. Wix Recogniz foreign designer who has been on the market for a long time and offers unique opportunities. Websites often use Wix to create prelanding pages and drive traffic to the landing page. The control panel interface has been translat into Russian, so there will be no problems with learning. Peculiarities.

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A large number of templates for creating landing pages. Accept online payments. Drag and drop itor for creating pages. Neural network for the development of automat website design. Connecting external domains. Complex analysis. Wix chat online Poland Mobile Number List consultant for communication with the target audience. Wix The service does not have a free plan, but you can test the premium membership features days after signing up. The cost of paid plans is democratic, and after purchasing paid plans, users receive additional benefits. Nethouse Position as the first website builder in Russia.

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On the basis of the service you can create a landing site or any other type of project online for free. The domain is trustworthy and has a good reputation in ad networks. Great option for spacers and prelanders. Peculiarities Creation of sites B to B Database of any type beautiful templates to quickly create landing pages. Sale of tickets for events. Limit for SEO. A large number of standard widgets. Advertising subscription to Yandex services. Nethouse The Nethouse tariff network is ti to the site. There is no point in buying it, because the service is inferior to competitors in terms of naivety and available power. It’s easier to take a conditional Tilda or Wix and mark an interesting landing.

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