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How given values ​​determine each other. Narrow down or expand your targeting. The option to expand target URLs allows you to direct users only to subpages select. By us or let algorithms automatically select landing pages. We also have the option of excluding select URLs from the campaign. Check which pages your campaign is targeting and whether the current setting aligns with your goals. Create resource groups In the new campaign type, we will not find ad groups, as in the case of other formats. This role was taken over by resource groups – sets of texts, images, videos along with groups of business cards products assign to them.

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Thanks to resource groups, you can adapt your advertising message to the assortment or landing page. This division also works well when you are particularly interest in a part of the assortment or you see that it is performing better than other categories. Create segmentations Performance Max campaigns are design to work best as a whole. However, if you Kenya Mobile Number List notice that some part of the campaign product category, performs much better than the others, it is worth testing its division. Thanks to this, you will be able to allocate more of your budget to what is most effective in your account.

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Effectiveness of the Performance Max campaign exemplary results What effects can be expect from the Performance Max campaign in practice? Below are some examples of results on our clients’ accounts after running Performance Max. Customer Increase in revenues by. with an increase in costs by. Client Increase in revenues by. with an increase B to B Database in costs. Customer Increase in revenues by. with an increase in costs by. Summary The new type of Google Ads campaign is distinguish primarily by automation and extensive operation in all channels. Thanks to this, it can be an effective supplement to the formats we already know.

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