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Outrageous Nicki Minaj closes the top ten The last tenth place is occupied by American rapper Nicki Minaj. At, she is one of the richest rap artists and her songs often top the charts. It is hard to believe that Nicky’s childhood was spent in poverty and that her family was considered dysfunctional. Now the singer’s concerts are attended by thousand spectators. Nicki Minaj Who has the most followers on Instagram Golden Ten am current year Nicki Minaj herself for the first time in history became the most anticipated participant in the show.

Of The Celebrities On Instagram

The popularity of the singer in real life also explains the high interest in virtual life the hip-hop singer has. million subscribers. th place. Justin Bieber million Justin Bieber Justin Bieber is a famous Canadian pop and R B artist. His career began in when a future producer noticed Bieber on YouTube and offered to become an artist on his Raymond Braun Media Morocco Mobile Number List Group label. More than million records of the singer have been sold worldwide. Post photos and stories from concert tours, clips and everyday life on Instagram. nd place. Ariana Grande Number of publications Number of subscribers million Another bright star that is trying to win the hearts of the whole world.

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Nesta Veeva He Has His Own Project

Ariana masterfully knows how to copy other people’s voices, which she demonstrates in her story. This, in our opinion, is the most interesting profile of the whole trinity. Since Grande has not yet formed stage images, Instagram users are actively involved in its creation. And, most interestingly, she often posts non-standard collages about herself. Most B to B Database often this is a video, but there are also photos. th place Anastasia Samburskaya actress from the TV series Univar The series Univar” during its existence has made many actors popular and loved by the public. Anastasia Samburskaya played in it a bitchy student, Anton’s girlfriend. And this role became fundamental in his creative path.

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