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Thanks to this, you can turn every visitor to your e commerce into a customer by sending him a message, with a discount code. DMSales also allows you to automate communication newsletters and SMS campaigns, which are an extremely important element of communication and marketing. DMSales, as one of the few automation systems, has its own database of business and consumer contacts compliant with the GDPR, which you can use to implement automatic e mail and SMS campaigns to reach new recipients of your online store and increase sales.

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Online sales optimization with is one system for integrating stores with ERP. Replacing tools integrating stores, marketplaces and warehouse and accounting software. In addition, xSale allows you to comprehensively manage the product database and their distribution to various sales channels. Integration with various channels enables instant Belgium Mobile Number List change of prices on each platform, as well as instant synchronization with the state of the warehouse. You will also find the option to automatically send invoices and print shipping labels and send shipments from one panel. The tool helps to automate most of the activities relat to online sales.

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Automation of processes in an online store thanks to SALE. Smanago It is a marketing automation system that enables behavioral profiling of customers. This functionality allows you to better understand their nes and thus meet their expectations. What’s more, thanks to SALESmanago you can personalize your website in real time, adapting B to B Database it individually to each user. How it’s working? SALESmanago identifies segments and accounts with high potential and high probability of purchase to target and deliver the right messages and offers at the right moment. In addition, the tool also allows you to create mass e mail campaigns, but also send individual messages. Online store marketing automation.

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