Southern California Edison

While $160M is a drop in the utility incentive bucket valued at hundreds of billions of dollars, it is an early indicator of things to come. And, we – along with the Southern California rest of the smart building industry – appreciate that these dollars are delivering significant savings to our customers in addition to long-term benefits.

Arkansas attorney general

Dustin McDaniel plans to investigate the cause of the leak, CBS reported. He said the company may be liable for the consequences of the spill, under Arkansas’s Water and Air Pollution Act and other laws.

Submitted a draft request to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to fire up one unit at the San Onofre nuclear plant this spring. Edison saudi arabia phone number plans to run the unit at 70 percent power for five months, then power it down and inspect it, the Los Angeles Times reports. The plant closed over a year ago because of excessive wear on tubes that carry radioactive water.

Emissions from factories

Power plants subject to the EU Emissions Trading System fell for a second consecutive year in 2012, with a 1.4 percent drop, Reuters reported. The preliminary data shows the EU on track for its 2020 emissions reduction goal.

Collis Inc, a manufacturer of metal racks and shelving brackets for refrigerators, has agreed to pay a $31,379 administrative civil penalty to Armenia Phone Number List settle several Resource Conservation and Recovery Act violations in Clinton, Iowa, the EPA said. The company will also spend at least $91,809 to replace high-mercury fluorescent fixtures with low-mercury fixtures and bulbs, and complete a project to reduce the generation of hazardous solvent waste.

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