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Flexbe Business website builder with a good reputation in Runet. He positions himself as an average farmer in a niche that does not reach the level of leaders, but provides the tools necessary for comfortable work. In addition to regular sites on the platform, you can create quizzes. Peculiarities Creating a site in a sectional itor. Create interactive polls to increase landing page conversion. Connection of payment aggregators. A large number of integrations with popular services. Integrat conversion tools. Automatic design adaptation for different devices flex be. Flexbox is not suitable for those who want to launch a website at minimal cost.

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The basic tariff will cost rubles. The most expensive subscription gives you access to add projects, free SSL certificates and other goodies that will come in handy when creating a landing page from scratch using a domain. SendPulse A popular service in Ukraine for sending news by email, messenger marketing and other activities relat to increasing Qatar Mobile Number List conversion. Through it, you can send mailings to instant messengers and social networks or send push notifications to a preassembl subscriber base. Recently, a mini landing page generator has appear in the service. Peculiarities Creating a landing page in minutes using a convenient designer.

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Multichannel subscription widget. Linking online payments. Support for multiple channels. Search engine optimization. SSL certificates. Send a pulse The constructor is ideal for creating a landing page for a couple of screens. If you don’t have to worry about quality or customization, switch to SendPulse and take advantage of the free plan. A more B to B Database expensive subscription removes the limit on the number of projects add and provides priority support. LPgenerator A specializ platform for creating landing pages that are in demand in your niche. It has been on the market for a long time, but it occupies an interm iate position between highend builders and average farmers.

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