When you lose someone you love your

Whole world falls apart. The sadness is immense and things have changed and will always be the same. You have to go through a period of mourning, a time of crying and experiencing the loss. And these moments can be overwhelming and challenging. But this feeling can occur not only with the death of a loved one. But also when a romantic relationship ends, or when you lose a job.

The key to going through

This process in a lighter way is knowing that it is something that can be dealt with, that everyone experiences it to a greater or Phone Number List lesser extent, and that time is quite important for things to happen and for our mourning to be, at least, not as intense as at the beginning. Grief is a natural and complex process that involves a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. There is no linear or predictable path through grief; each individual experiences it in a unique and personal way.

However researchers have

Identified some common stages in the grieving process, such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance . It is important to Algeria Phone Number List note that these stages do not necessarily occur in a specific order, and some people may experience several stages simultaneously or repeatedly. As for the length of time a person is grieving, the situation is very variable, as it depends on each individual. It can vary from weeks to years, and that does not mean that the person who has been lost was not loved, but quite the opposite.

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