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The owners of the platforms notic irregularities were address by UOKiK asking for a position and calling for a change in dubious practices in the event of irregularities. The Omnibus Directive is an important step towards ensuring consumer protection in the European Union. High fines and the possibility of compensation will motivate entrepreneurs to comply with the regulations, and the cooperation of national authorities in the case of cross border infringements will ensure effective enforcement comments Mateusz Jakubik, Information Security Officer at iSecure. Summary The Omnibus Directive arouses a lot of emotions, but it is not as complicat as it might seem at the beginning.

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For example, an obligation to inform about the method of verifying reviews was introduc, which should result in the elimination of false opinions and recommendations. In terms of opinions, prohibit commercial practices that may mislead Namibia Mobile Number List consumers have also been clarifi. Despite stricter regulations, it is not worth giving up presenting opinions to potential customers on the website. Keep in mind that consumer ratings and comments are a great advertising tool that is an important factor when making a purchasing decision.

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That is why it is worth investing in dicat tools, such as Rating Captain, which will obtain real opinions and display them on the website in a manner consistent with the directive, and will also provide valuable information about customers and the products or services sold. Do Google My Business listing reviews matter? Julia Kozak minutes of B to B Database reading Do Google My Business listing reviews matter? Contents What is a Google listing? Business card what to pay attention to? Customer reviews on the Google My Business listing Collect customer reviews in the Google listing Is it enough to add a company to Google Maps for the magic to start happening and customer orders to flow constantly? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

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