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To prepare an argument bas on conventional rhetoric requires logic but little creativity. But to present an idea in such a strong way that it will be remember for a long time requires special skills. What is your brand’s story? Brand image paint with words The effectiveness of stories in various aspects of human life prompts the search for the possibility of using this form of communication in company management, especially in areas relat to the communication of company values ​​or brand. we all love stories It is not surprising then that the effectiveness of stories in various aspects.

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Of human life encourages the use of this form of communication in the communication of company or brand values. It is thanks to her energy and emotions that we can engage potential customers in marketing communication and answer Lithuania Mobile Number List them the question of what is the image of a given brand on the Internet or on billboards. Time for a moral the core of the company’s image The overarching message of the story is its moral. We can define it as some universal truth known to people. It is worth reminding the recipients of it from time to time to maintain certain values.

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For example, in Mastercard Priceless brand campaigns, the moral is some things money can’t buy. In The Economist campaigns you can see the moral that it is worth developing throughout life. On the other hand, in the campaigns of the Dove brand True B to B Database Beauty, it reads beauty has many faces. What’s your moral? What do you want to say and why is it so important? Who are you? Maybe it’s worth going back to the source sometimes and thinking if we’re talking to a wall an audience that only exists in our minds which doesn’t exist and we’re burning the budget.

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