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Landing Pages with detaile student guide Some of them may be suitable for relatively newcomers to this topic. However, most often such courses are intende for the practice of web writers and web copywriters who want to improve their skills in a certain direction. The disadvantage of such courses is that they are held at a certain time, you are tie to the group and if you stay far behind, you do not find yourself. How to rewrite it is important for novice copywriters to be able to create unique text from existing material and optimize it for search engine queries.

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Such work is cheaper, but thanks to it, beginners acquire valuable skills necessary to create high quality content, learn how to use services to check uniqueness, spam, and other indicators. In the video lesson, qualifie copywriter Irina Ripvam shows how to rewrite, how deep rewriting differs from surface rewriting, what should be the uniqueness of the text and what techniques should be use to improve it. As a bonus, you will receive examples of simple and complex re recordings at the end of the video. Course Let’s learn to write from the agency Let’s do it Free training from Let’s Make, an online agency specializing in commercial copywriting.


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The training is specific, designe for those authors who are already engage in copywriting and are dissatisfie with their income. The authors of the course argue that the normal price of an article should not be rubles, but , , or more thousand. The course will be useful to those authors who plan to learn how to earn more I wouldn’t mind finding a job with an agency want to get valuable input from existing commercial copywriters and eitors. How to compose emails for email marketing The lesson is devote to the basics of electronic copywriting.

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