Catalog and for what we believe will be very useful for you. Are automatic inventory updates, full customization creating different sets of select products bas on the items you want promoting, dynamic remarketing, showing customers exactly the products they have previously seen on the web and even showing the sale price of the products when there are discounts and showing the comparison with the original price As you can see, all advantages Tips to get the most out of the meta product catalog Thanks to Meta catalogues. We can take advantage of the following strategies.

You can create catalog sales campaigns and thus promote the products of the store through Facebook or Instagram They can be dynamic ads or DPA dynamic remarketing In this way, you will be able to impact users who have visit a product on the web or have add to the cart You can even add relate products to the ones you have visit, as a cross sell You can create campaigns with a full funnel strategy with the sales objective With this we can promote products from the catalog to a broader audience that does not include the rest of the audience that we attack in other campaigns.

With the website conversion goal you can run ads on a collection of products, which will allow us to create sets of items that we’re interest in displaying along with an image or video This will allow you to directly visit the product on the web These sets can be us to control which items appear in Facebook or Instagram ads or collections Some collection examples can be items with discounts for Black Friday, sets with Christmas items, by cooler, gender You have infinite possibilities meta product catalog We don’t want to overlook product sets In the end they are subgroups of items within the catalog.

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