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If you are an entrepreneur, this is a topic that is worth exploring not only to avoid fines, but also to honestly gain the trust of consumers. Try it for free Why is collecting feedback so important today. Year after year, we observe an increase in the importance of online sales. Increasingly, the Internet is the first place to look for new products or services. The main question to ask yourself is how will the visitor decide if this is what they want to buy and where they want to buy it. This is where so called social proof comes into play. If we are not sure about something, we check what other people have done.

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In our case, we are dealing here with opinions. If there are reliable opinions on our website or store that confirm the quality of the product and our service, visitors will be much more likely to buy from us. That is why collecting opinions and presenting USA Phone Number List them is such an important element, and even necessary. Omnibus Directive obligation to inform, not to verify The directive imposes an information obligation on traders, which consists in clearly communicating whether the opinions come from real customers who have used or purchased a given product.

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So you don’t have to verify the origin of the reviews, but it’s your responsibility to inform consumers of this. You can post a message like this on your website Reviews on our website are not verified. And after the trouble, however, you will surely agree B to B Database that such a message is not encouraging. So how to display reviews in accordance with the directive and at the same time not discourage potential customers. How to collect opinions and display them on the website in accordance with the Omnibus Directive.

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