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By associating a specific brand with the image of a given country, a kind of combination” of associations is creat in the mind of potential customers unless their values ​​are, of course, contradictory. How does this work for the marketing of alcohols such as beer, wine or those that burn the esophagus? Try it for free Building brand awareness of liquors and their origin The famous “Made in. indicating the nationality of the brand effectively raises the rank of products, such as alcoholic beverages. Virtually all brands of wine, beer and other spirits evoke their country of origin.

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As an integral part of their brand strategy Czech lager, English ale or Irish stout. The same is true for wine brands. French, Spanish or Italian wines are classifi by region of origin and grape variety. In addition, the quality and type of soil, as Oman Mobile Number List well as the characteristics of growers, are taken into account. Once upon a time, wine branding in Germany was so complicat that you ne a guide to figure it out. It happen that specific brands in the minds of consumers communicat a veritable marketing mish mash. All this creates countless opportunities for bragging.

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Wine brands associat with a given region may have different bottles, Hock brown, Mosel green. Wines from Franconia are pour into special bulbous bottles, call bocksbeutel. Already those visual aspects design which have not even touch the logo and the rest of the visual identification elements are of great commercial importance. Building brand B to B Database awareness of wines. What is the importance of increasing brand awareness through the image of the region? These complicat differences seem to say, ” here’s something real No imitations. This is why French champagne producers from the area around. Rheims, known as Champagne, have defend their generic name including their reputation.

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