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We create images of ourselves, companies or institutions regardless of whether we want to. Because, for example, even the absence of our presence in online communication channels says something about us, so we should do it consciously. The key to building a relationship with a customer using marketing tools or public relations is therefore to build awareness of your brand in a controll and intentional way. Try it for free What is branding? It is this part of marketing that deals with defining the framework of what we should and should not communicate to the recipients.

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It is the foundation, communication strategy of the new brand, the character and soul of the brand. The branding process is important because it creates brands that people love, and there are always slip ups when making these relationships. How to Romania Mobile Number List deal with them, or rather how not to lead to them in your company, I will tell a little later. What is a brand the beginnings of brand building Once upon a time, brands were mostly simple household items such as soap, washing powder or shoe polish. The brand was then only a symbol of durability and consistency. It meant maintaining certain standards of quality, quantity and price.

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As Wally Olins, one of the most experienc branders in the world. Told in the book About the Brand. The brand image present and support the product. Nowadays, however, everything has been turn upside down, because we have taken most B to B Database of the functional features of the product for grant. The brand has gain a new status it still stands for the image, but not only of its own, but also of consumers. With proper company branding and brand values, the recipients can identify themselves. It testifies to them non verbally about what kind of people.

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