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You need to get the perspective of the person being charged with. You just talk to your own employee. Why don’t you send him in for additional training in handling. If the problem was caused by a third party shipping company, you will also report your concerns to them. When such situations repeat themselves, you can change the deliverer. Because delaying or destroying shipments generates too high costs. But first you have to react. It is worth responding to negative reviews within hours of their publication at the latest. Apologize for the situation.

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Offer compensation in the form of a discount. Suggest that if the discount does not suit the client, invite him to. contact the customer service department, which will try to make up for his nerves. Yes exactly. You are redirecting the upset Guatemala Mobile Number List consumer to private communication channels again. This does not mean that you can ignore it later. If you solve his problem, you can request a change to the content of the comment. Thus, both the client and your company will benefit from such action. The customer did not like the product or service provided.

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The hardest and most valuable negative comments are about what you’re selling. They then act as free market research. And this means that you can develop your offer in the direction expected by consumers. A quick response, however, requires a very similar procedure to the previous cases. Are sorry that the product or service did not meet B to B Database your expectations. You propose a replacement or a discount. You are invited to contact us in a private message, which will allow you to find the best solution. When you manage to solve the customer’s problem, you say that you will be pleased if he changes the content of the review. And that’s it quickly simply.

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