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Many companies in the insurance industry still cooperate with providers of assistance services (eg for vehicles in the mdical sector or hospitals) that use complex and often outdatd manual billing processes. In addition to the rduction of effort and costs for the internal and faster processing of claims, companies who use virtual cards also benefit from the discount of the provider with shorter payment terms. No matter what industry your company operates in, virtual cards are the ideal solution for B2B payments.

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We would be happy to advise you on how you can optimize your payment processes by using virtual cards. B2B payments are poisd for phone number list disruption The growth of B2B digital payments is a consequence of the ongoing digitization of the entire economy, where contactless, mobile and invisible payments are becoming the norm. The benefits for the corporate sector are both process efficiency (better control, easier reconciliation, improvd compliance, global acceptance) and financial soundness (optimizd cash flow, extreme fraud rduction.

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Indirect corporate spend is a classic hiding place for savings, and diversifying your payment portfolio could be the best way to B To B Database realize it. The Covid-19 pandemic has also increasd the desire for digital B2B payments. Companies are trying to optimize the scarce financial resources, are turning to online purchases more often and are driving digitization forward. In 2020, the global B2C digital payments market has grown by 24% to nearly $5 trillion. Physical retail was already declining before the closures, while many work-from-home models are on the rise, meaning more employees are shopping at the company remotely.

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