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University students years old They will have to master a second specialty in parallel with university ucation Representatives of other professions years old Those who are dissatisfi with their current career and financial prospects will be able to retrain as a QA engineer and build a career in the IT industry Anyone who wants to improve their IT skills Systematize their knowlge and acquire professional skills necessary in modern IT Program Faculty of Manual Testing Geek Brains rub. Well from month Start September, Duration months, lessons per week Format online webinars are held, dz is check, there is a chat of cadets.

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Features the official school of Mail ru Group. After training, all students undergo an internship Course on gb ru. Why do we ne testers if the development team does not write bugs from GeekBrains Duration hours Certificate yes. Training format Cyprus Mobile Number List short webinar. Training program the course will tell you about the specifics of the work of a tester and the ne for the presence of a specialist in the company. Also pay attention to the psychology and nuances of interaction with the development team. The program is design for students with at least minimal testing experience and knowlge.

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What are you learning. The purpose of software testing and why there can’t be a perfect product. How to organize the productive work of a team of developers and testers. What is the difference between testing and quality control. Professionals The recording of the webinar is sav after the broadcast. Chat to share experiences with other members. Useful B to B Database techniques and materials. Experienc teachers. There are many live examples. Flaws The course is difficult to learn from scratch. ‎How to make money testing games, software, software from Udemy Duration sections with short video tutorials total duration minutes.

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