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You can also promote your posts in other communities. You always ne quality content. In addition, there are many groups where the author does not want to come up with something interesting. He will be happy to get the opportunity to receive quality content. Let and for this it will be necessary to advertise. You can also develop your VK group through other social networks. In theory, you can even create a Zen account to blog with. it is easier to gather an audience there, since the system itself encourages the promotion of posts from the channel. And from there it will be possible to attract people to your group.

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But there is a significant drawback a different audience. Zen prominantly consists of older people who may not be interest in VKontakte content. Well, the final touch to the action. In your profile, indicate your group in the column “Place of work. Then people can access it directly from your page. The conversion will be small, but at least you List of Mobile Phone Numbers can get someone. Instagram promotion service promotion program AUTHOR fast v prodigi READING min VIEWS PUBLISH. Content Opening three platforms First place. Zeus Second place tooligram Bosslike Epicstars.

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List of promotion services with a free period Functional SMMplanner Key features FAQ And is it efficient? How does the rollout happen? Does Instagram ban profiles for cheating followers and likes? What content is most effective for bloggers to B to B Database promote? How to promote Insta as efficiently as possible? What are the pitfalls when promoting new accounts? Bridget Instaplus pro insta plus Zeus Zengram Tooligram. Smmflow IMPORTANT! How to promote an account so that it is not block A selection of cheat services with a free trial period and cheat for tasks mlnlks funinsta Bosslike cashbox.

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