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The spe of the support service response also depends on the level of importance of the issue. If the message contains a topic that is not too important and serious, the answer will not be the fastest. But if the user is worri about blocking, fraud, or other urgent circumstances, the answer to the question may come within an hour. Important! Again, it is worth noting that there is no clear pattern here. It may be more like a lottery someone will get an answer in minutes, and someone will wait a day or two. A word of advice we recommend formulating the question correctly and specifically.

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This will greatly spe up the receipt of a letter of support. A couple of tips before submitting an Instagram request Before asking a question, study the answer yourself. Perhaps and most likely it is your problem is not unique and has been solv in some way Slovenia Mobile Number List by other Instagram users. The Help Center is for finding answers. This is a useful resource that contains all known cases and offers solutions in a very accessible way. The Help Center consists of several sections Use of Instagram Account management Troubleshooting guide and login Privacy and security other.

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As our website statistics show. The most frequently ask questions are relat to the inability to access a user’s Instagram account. You can find answers to relat questions in the Help Center subsection Troubleshooting and sign in guide B to B Database I can’t sign in. Where to go if you have problems If there are difficulties or problems in the work of Instagram Go to the support section. Select a subsection on the right side of the screen. Instagram account management Decide on the category of the problem. Account settings and notifications Find the right question.

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