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The program will show you a welcome page. Click the Create New Project button. In the next window, select Java from the left pane and click New at the top of the program window to select JDK. Here you ne to select the location where the JDK was install, then click Next. Basic Java syntax for beginners You will have the option to create a project from a template Create project from template. Ignore this and click the Next button. In the next step of installing the Java programming language, enter a project name and click Finish.

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On the left panel, you will see your project. If the panel is not visible, go to Views Tool Windows Project. Go to Hello New Java and set the class name. We call it the First. Write Java code and save the project. To run the program you just Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List wrote, select Run Run. Click First this is the name of the file we creat the program will compile the file and execute it. Advanc Android Application Development Courses How to Run Java on Linux To run the examples from the Java programming lessons from scratch on Linux, you will ne a JAVA SE Development Kit JDK and an IDE to develop your projects.

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Follow the step by step instructions to get start with Java. Install Java Open a terminal and enter the following command to install Java sudo add B to B Database apt repository ppa webupd team java sudo apt update sudo apt install oracle java installer. Accept the license agreement and terms of use by clicking OK and Yes respectively. You have install Java. To verify that the installation was successful, enter the following command in a terminal java version If the current version is display, the installation was successful.

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