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The requesting account must comply with the Instagram User Agreement and guidelines Representation of a specific person or an officially register company organization Be unique and different, profiles like dogs are not accept All information in the profile must be fill in, the information must be honest at least one publication is requir Links to other social networks and referral calls are not allow The account must be visible, belong to a well known or sought after person, company. Instagram admits it doesn’t want to give away the confirmation badge. And even if you got it, it’s not a guarantee that it will stay forever.

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You can be flagg for the following offences If you provide false information, we will remove your confirmation badge If you transfer or sell your ID badge If you promote other services using a profile photo or sections with personal data If you involve a third party for confirmation. For several violations, the account can not only be depriv of the Conduit CN receiv badge, but also completely disabl, the management of the social network warns. Buy likes for money on Instagram at discount prices. In addition to a really convenient purchase, you can also get an up to date account development.

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The results of which will be visible immiately after the purchase. In addition, you are provid with personal conditions for obtaining a resource choose what suits you. But there are other ways to develop a personal brand on Instagram. To get recogniz by other users and customers, and your popularity has grown steadily, follow these steps Introduce B to B Database yourself or introduce the company in the bio section Share stories and publications in which you talk about your work Ask followers customers to tag you or the company in their posts where your products or services are featur Link your Instagram page to your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter accounts. 

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