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Manage customer reviews with Rating. Captain Newsletter stay in touch with your client Loyalty programs in the online store. After sales customer service in e commerce summary. How to keep customers? What to do to make them return and become loyal customers. The questions themselves suggest that what happens after the transaction is important. Of course, shopping satisfaction is affect by the store’s offer, quality of customer service or trouble free delivery, but there are a few more activities that increase buyer satisfaction and thus contribute to repeat purchases of products or services.

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Try it for free Delivery and returns of products from. AlleKurier pl After sales service includes delivery and management of possible returns. AlleKurier is a platform for sending courier parcels throughout Poland, the European Union and most Paraguay Mobile Number List countries in the world. The services of the largest and proven courier companies are available on the AlleKurier pl website, even cheaper. The platform allows you to easily price the shipment, just enter the weight and dimensions as well as the place of dispatch and delivery, and the system will present a full offer in a few seconds.

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In addition in order to use Alle Kurier pl. You do not ne to sign contracts or declare the shipment of a large number of parcels. Source AlleKurier pl Online sales involve the fact that customers return the order items. And here AlleKurier pl comes with an interesting option for companies Convenient Returns. For the customer, it is a simple form that B to B Database allows the return of purchas goods, and for the store easy identification and effective handling of return orders, as well as the end of problems with incorrectly address parcels, COD parcels or parcels sent to a parcel locker. On the store’s side, the service is free, the cost of shipping is cover by the consumer.

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