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Does this mean that a small company in online advertising is immediately in a losing position? Each form of business has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, a larger budget gives more opportunities, but on the other hand, an extensive sales funnel often hinders precise analysis and slows down decision making. In a small company, we will not experience such problems. So what should the advertising buying process look like. A small company should fully focus on a well thought out advertising strategy in performance campaigns  those that are designed to immediately generate traffic and sales.

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He does not have to advertise the entire range he can, for example, focus on bestsellers, which will be the workhorse of the entire campaign. Combining the effectiveness of a product campaign on Google and remarketing can effectively increase the revenue of a small business at a low level of investment risk. The same is true in SEO. A large company Colombia Mobile Number List will compete for thousands of phrases, including the most generic, general and mass phrases. Which by the way tend to have a lower conversion rate. A small company should trust the strategy of precisely building traffic around narrow subcategories, sub brand phrases product category manufacturer and product phrases.

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At this level, the competition is smaller and effective optimization and link building activities can bring amazing results. It is also worth noting that large companies most often create nationwide strategies. They treat e commerce as a store for the B to B Database whole country, and when dozens of brick and mortar stores go hand in hand, even more so. A small company should include in its strategy an attempt to dominate the local market, because while the popularity of online shopping is growing, the ability to view the product offline or pick it up right away is still a big advantage in many industries.

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