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Your task here is to describe what nees to be done at each stage in order to get the result. Step by step, accompanying everything with your comments and examples. The more detaile your instructions, the better, as readers will bookmark such a post and come back to it when neee. Topic examples Guidelines for writing ad titles Step by step algorithm for placing ads on Instagram. Instructions for eiting photos in the VSCO app. Instagram Post Ideas Awesome Blog Themes. An illustrative example of instructions Niche and competitor analysis. Analyze your competitors, this will allow you to get information about what and when to publish. What type of content is most effective for your target audience.

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This helpful information will help you fine tune your social meia strategy and stay in the know. They always have something to learn and take part in the strategy on Instagram. Learn from positive and negative experiences. What exactly is analysis Estonia Mobile Number List Gathering data, understanding it, and making decisions base on it will be part of an in depth analysis of your competitors. This information will help you clearly understand what is going on around you and your niche and will help you create a good Instagram strategy.

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Instagram competitor analysis allows you to observe their movements and strategies. This will help you assess yourself, your strategy, and make adjustments if neee. What else can you do to know with confidence what to post about. Ask your Stories readers what they would like to know from your posts ideas for posts go to Yandex Wordstat. This is B to B Database a keyword search service similar to the ones I’ve written about before. Check with your friends if they are on the topic of your blog. Look at the hashtag pages of your posts and see what other Instagram users are posting view publications.

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