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All the more so, buy reviews ads may tempt entrepreneurs. But it is not a game worth the candle, especially in the context of stricter regulations on reviews. Crible reviews are valu the most, fake Google reviews will certainly not help us in the long run, and will eventually be remov by Google. Therefore, it is worth looking around for tools that will facilitate the process of obtaining opinions in a short time. Rating Captain is one of them. Thanks to the application, brands will improve their image in the Google business card. The platform provides numerous products to address the low number of reviews on Google Maps, such as sending emails asking customers to leave reviews.

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The application also offers SMS messages and pop ups. However, collecting feback is only one of Rating Captain’s capabilities. The application also provides monitoring of reviews and their analysis in terms of sentiment, which allows you to quickly List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu respond to each opinion and exclude errors in the future. It is worth emphasizing that the advantage of the automatic process is gaining more and more reviews in the Google business card and the awareness that entrepreneurs can sleep peacefully and not worry about the lack of opinions from their customers.

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