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Necessary on all platforms It is essential to have a good health in the data fe. And this is exactly where we come from pearls, to help with the performance of your campaigns You will see it better with a practical example sale price attribute. A very interesting attribute to put in the fe is the one mention in previous posts, sale price or offer price. In general rules, it is an attribute with a price lower than the current price attribute. We comment on the importance of this attribute, because thanks to it we can get an offer badge in our product file shown in Shopping.

Of Our Products Can Be Very Complex

If you don’t know how this badge works or hesitate to add this attribute, we remain at your disposal Fe managers for google shopping Types of fe management tools Here are some of the fe managers you can research and compare against each other Chainable offers several types of exports fe and API, with various rates adapt to all types of China Mobile Number List sectors and sizes Shopping Fe offers a free demo, synchronizes stocks and automates the management of your orders Data Fe Watch has a wide range of preconfigur integrations, also allowing you to combine product attributes Lengow has personaliz plans and does not include sales commission.

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Adapting The Information And Attributes

With these tools we can optimize our data fe with the main objective of increasing the performance of Shopping campaigns First steps The first step is to import the catalog information into the tool via an xml, csv file or direct integration with B to B Database your CMS Shopify, Presto Shop, Magento or Woo Commerce There are several sources that you can use for data import, manually, with price trackers or API connection Once your business data is import, you must join the dimensions and create the attributes that relate yours to those of the tool beginning to map.

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