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course landing page examples to inspire you buy the course screenshot of landing page for magnum photography image courtesy of magnum alec soth’s course  Alec soth magnum course goal landing page is—unsurprisingly. Considering it’s a photography course—beautiful. But aesthetics alone aren’t enough.move the needle? Takeaway: feature a strong instructor bio the main pull of this course is the instructor’s wealth of experience. And the landing page does an excellent job laying this out for users.


 Hearing about alec

And his credentials (and his twenty-five books!) assures  Iran Phone Number Data us that our photography education is in safe hands. If you have a strong Alec soth magnum course goal  instructor. Don’t forget to highlight their bio as well. So users know that they can be trusted to lead students through the course with ease. 2. Ahrefs’ seo training course goal: brand recognition screenshot of landing page for ahrefs image courtesy of ahrefs ahrefs’ seo training course isn’t necessarily trying to capture bottom-of-funnel leads for their services; instead. It’s aimed at top-of-funnel leads who may not already be aware of ahrefs and what they do.

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 This complete beginner

Guide to the principles of seo helps bring Qatar Phone Number List  their brand to the attention of people who may. One day. Be ready to invest. Takeaway: if it’s free. Advertise it if there’s one thing that people love. It’s free stuff. For visitors on the fence. Headlining that $0 price tag on your landing page might be the thing that converts them. If you’re also offering a course for free. Take a cue from ahrefs and give them the final nudge they need to sign up with a shiny “free” tag.


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