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How to inform about a price ruction in accordance with the Omnibus Directive? The Omnibus Directive has become a fact, and that means no more juggling prices during promotions. From January. stores must show the lowest price from the last days, next to the promotional price and the regular price. The Omnibus Directive does not apply if a store is rucing its regular price but not advertising a promotion. The new regulations also do not apply if the promotions introduc are conditional buy products, pay for the second of the price.

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The new obligation also does not apply to fresh products, such as meat, sausages or vegetables and fruits, the consumption date of which is shorter than days. What if the product is on offer for less than days? In such a situation, the lowest price valid from the start of the sale to the introduction of the discount should be enter. It should be remember that the Kuwait Mobile Number List information about the ruc price is visible in a generally accessible and clearly visible place for consumers and in particular on a notice, in the price list, in the catalogue, on the dust jacket, in the form of an overprint or inscription on the goods or packaging. The new GA service and how to better track e commerce users.

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What do you ne to know to implement Google Analytics. Casper Bnarz minutes of reading The new GA service and how to better track e commerce users? What do you ne to know to implement Google Analytics ? Contents Is it worth B to B Database implementing Google Analytics and better tracking e commerce user sessions? Google Analytics Universal vs Google Analytics what are the differences in these analytics versions? Events, metrics, data streams, reports. Should I use the new version of Google Analytics GA ? How to start using Google Analytics.

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