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Try a game bas learning format to successfully study while staying motivat Let’s face it, there aren’t that many successful tutorials in any industry. Maybe there is one in a hundr. The low percentage is not explain by someone’s stupidity or inattention. Quite often, reasonable enough people, having stumbl upon failure, lose motivation, because they cannot assess their real progress. And sometimes they simply do not understand that their efforts were not enough to overcome this or that difficulty. You’ve probably play video games and fac a situation where you couldn’t complete a level the first time.

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However if the game has a reasonable balance of difficulty, you usually don’t have the thought I can never do this. You just have to try again and again, and eventually the level drops, you earn points or get the right item to continue feel the joy Indian Phone Number List of overcoming and. go to conquer a new peak! The idea is that the same principle can be appli to teaching programming. If you are involv in the gameplay, you see the result, you get a reward for moving from one level to another, you will be much more willing to sit down to study. This is how our brain works it nes support.

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That is confirmation that its efforts are not in vain! That’s why Code Gym is perfect for those with no coding experience almost everyone has B to B Database game experience, at least a little bit, and this course uses gamification CodeGym is play like a video game. When you solve the problem correctly, you will receive dark matter the points ne to open the next lesson or the next level. You play as an anthropomorphic robot nam Amigo and progress from level to level, from exploration to exploration, collecting and expending dark matter.

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