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Target configuration window The service itself does not recommend winding up more than subscribers per day for youth groups of less than people in order to ruce the likelihood of a ban. But I think you won’t get much done if you’re earning subscriber money by working hard on assignments. The fun is over, so let’s move on to the long term work that nes to be done on a daily basis until your group’s income or money from other sources can be spent on paid promotion.

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The next step on behalf of our fake accounts is to add friends to our target audience and invite them to our group it’s time to make lists of this audience. Where to find lists of target audience accounts We will receive ads on the site vk barkov net. Small amounts Bahamas Mobile Number List of data can be obtain here for free. Register on the site and get free access. Vk net settings window. We will use the search for groups of your subject search for groups by topic. And then we analyze, that is, we get the data of the participants in these groups. Next, we filter the lists according to the criteria.

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We ne age city number of subscribers, date of the last visit to the contact, marital status, interests, and so on. The finish list with id can be sav in txt format and process manually or sent to the bot program. The danger of free promotion The danger B to B Database of black and gray promotion methods is that your group can be bann. Or cancel the liquidation of participants. The ban is temporary and sometimes lasts a lifetime. How does VKontakte define black methods? It could be a dramatic increase in the membership of a new group.

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