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You can also talk about limiting the use of any product, if any. Creative recipes shot with a good camera will not leave anyone indifferent. It’s important to remember that a personal blog is not a professional chef’s account and should not be just about cooking and food. This is just an opportunity to diversify the content of your blog. Book Reviews A blogger can share his opinion about a book he has read and write a review about it. Then you can recommend subscribers interesting books for personal development and spiritual enrichment. Hobby Another creative idea for your posts is to talk about your hobbies and hobbies.

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This can be interesting for people around who want to try something new and do something unusual for themselves. Applications The phone is the companion of people in everyday life, so the public will be interest to know what convenient France Mobile Number List applications the blogger uses to modernize his life. it videos and photos Convenience and everyday apps are one thing, but software for iting things is another. Often people, seeing beautiful photos on a blog, also wonder how to it them, what filter to apply and, of course, what application to use for this. Posting it on your blog is the best idea.

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News from life You can describe everything that happens in your daily life, walks, trips, work. Useful Lists These can be lists of necessary things, products, shops, attractions, events of the year, etc. Thoughts Live Stream Question B to B Database answer Selfie landscapes Quick self irony A collage of several photos Call message Refusal of sweets workouts per year days of English Run a marathon Get a workout Reviews about services services Post with humor Post events, activities, promotions. Overview film Series overview Games. Desktop computer, computer, set top box, active.

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