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Please provide as much information as possible about your company. Select a category and description. Add photos to your Google Maps account. Get valuable Google reviews. Take care of the question and answer section. Notify the client of changes. The correct name of the business card in Google Maps is essential The profile name should match your real company name. Therefore, present your company in the business card as you do, for example, on signs, documents containing company data. Importantly, Google’s guidelines indicate that the name cannot contain, for example, keywords or emojis, providing them may result in suspension of the company’s profile.

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Select the main category and subcategories of your activity. Business categories make it easier for potential customers to find your business through more accurate search results. Choose the categories that best suit your business Henan Mobile Phone Number List profile. To do this, conduct a competition analysis for the phrase you are interested in and check the first results. This way you can easily specify a main category and several subcategories. Company description characters that are of great importance Another very important element of positioning your business card in Google is creating a unique description.

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You have characters at your disposal. However, remember to include all the most important information in the first characters, because this fragment will always be displayed in the business card. Focus on presenting useful information about the B to B Database company’s products or services. In the description, it is worth including content saturated with keywords and the indicated location of the company. Complete the business address let customers find your business When specifying a location, be sure to include the exact address or serviced area. The address data has most likely already been completed at the time of setting up the business card.

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