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To learn the basics of Java programming and get the platform running on Windows. You’ll ne a JAVA SE Development Kit JDK and an IDE to develop your project. Follow the step by step instructions below Java installation Go to the Java Standard ition Development Kit download page. In the Java SE Development Kit section at the top of the table, click Accept License Agreement. Then click the Windows x link if you have a bit operating system, or Windows x if you have a bit operating system. Once download, run the setup file and follow the instructions on the screen.

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Select all features by clicking. This feature will be install on your local hard drive and copy the installation location highlight in yellow to Notepad, then click Next again. During the installation process, you will be prompt to install the JRE. Click Next Sweden Phone Numbers List and then Finish to complete the installation. Now you ne to it the PATH variable. Go to Control Panel and Security System. In the left pane, select Advanc system settings. Click Environment Variables. In the System variables section, find the PATH variable and in the next window click it.

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Highlight all the text in the Variable Value field and copy it into a separate text file. This will make iting and checking for errors easier. Make sure the copi text contains the string C Program Data Oracle Java javapath. If yes, you can proce to the B to B Database next step. If not, paste the previously copi installation path at the beginning of the variable and append bin to the end of the line like this C Program Files Javajdk bin Please note that your JDK version jdk may be different. Copy the value of the variable and paste it into the PATH window. Java Class Guide with Examples Click OK to save your changes.

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