Direct Trade Advancing The Retail Industry

Zappos, one of the world’s leading shoe and online retail businesses, was one of the first to float the idea of ​​selling shoes online and has struggled to convince investors of its value. This happened 2 decades ago. Now, online shopping has completely taken over especially since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Zappos, it’s the importance of the customer experience in eCommerce. One of the reasons Zappos has been able to stay ahead of the competition is its tendency to encourage consumers to buy multiple sizes of the same product. And then the company will provide a quick and easy way to return the non-conforming product free of charge.

Today, we ensure a positive customer experience through mobile apps, chatbots, and machine learning technologies (which read people’s historical browsing data to suggest the products shoppers are most interested in).

Direct Trading In USA

According to Danielle Bailey, Managing Vice President of intelligence firm L2 Inc, China used to be considered a copycat, but when it comes to social commerce, mobile commerce innovation, and omnichannel retail, China leads the way.

In fact, western technology and retail leaders including the US have been inspire and started adapting their eCommerce methods.

Amazon launched Amazon Live database in 2019 where models will wear different outfits. While the presenter will explain the material. There are also live events where the host will demonstrate how to use certain tools.

Dote, a San Francisco-based mobile shopping company also released a new feature called Shopping Party – which incorporates influencer live streams into their mobile shopping app.

Direct Trade In China


The World’s Largest eCommerce Site, Taobao dominates the live streaming trend in China. Taobao empowers farmers, entrepreneurs and business owners through user-enabled C2C live streaming via a standalone platform or app.

Successful influencers on Taobao then rise to celebrity status which helps improve the customer experience. For example, a B to B Database cosmetics salesperson could host live events where viewers can ask questions and learn techniques on the best way to apply their products.

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