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Over percent representatives of this generation, declare that they listen to the radio every day. On average, they spend nearly hours on it every day. Press Today’s and year olds like to read newspapers and magazines. Statistically, women do it more often, mainly due to the large number of women’s titles on sale. It is also worth noting that the majority of people from this generation consider the press to be the most opinion forming source of information. Internet Although Gen X grew up in a time when the Internet was not widely available, today they have an increasing presence in the digital world. According to the data, as much as percent. of Generation X people regularly use the Internet.

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Interestingly only percent of respondents declaw that they do it only on smartphones much more often they choose a computer or laptop. Social Mia Of course, Facebook reigns supreme, but Gen Xers are also eager to use platforms such as Linking and Twitter. Also, don’t forget about email. It is an important communication platform for Inks. Marketing for Bahamas Mobile Number List Generation X Key Principles Loyalty programs Generation X is more loyal to brands than their younger colleagues. Discounts and promotional codes they are also much more rational about their expenses. Offer discounts, promotions and sales can be an important factor in making a purchase.

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Contact via email of representatives of generation declare that e mail is the most personal communication channel. Appropriate communication channels when creating a communication strategy with the X generation, such channels as television, radio or B to B Database the press should be taken into account. Trust due to the greater life experience of Generation X, its representatives willingly bet on brands they trust. It is worth publishing testimonials, opinions of satisfice customers and case studies to confirm your curability. Generation Y Millennials People born in The generation that every brand wants to attract.

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