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Before you buy a product or reach for the phone to make an appointment, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reliable contractor. What are you doing? Try it for free A company without a Google business card is not trustworthy in the opinion of buyers At this point, your customers are looking for information about the company on the Internet to learn more. The Internet search engine has become a kind of encyclopia where you can check everything with just a click. Research shows that this behavior is typical for as many as ​​of buyers.

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It is worth noting that only decide to buy blindly, counting on their own luck. At the same time, even in this group, a large part of them consults the Internet at least occasionally. If a user doesn’t find your business on Google, they’ll start looking for another Poland Mobile Number List business. You will attract new customers when your business card is supplement with the necessary information and opinions. A bad opinion can deter and discourage purchases. The lack of information on the company profile in Google works even worse. Many people give up on a service or product if they cannot find a business profile on Google Maps.

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The existence of a business card allows you to check contact details and reviews. You can not understand it, you can rebel, but you cannot assume that the situation will change in the coming years. If you care about the development of your B to B Database business, you ne to take care of your online visibility. Add your business location to Google Maps to give yourself a chance to build trust in the brand you create. How do I add a business to Google Maps? Adding a business to Google is very simple and intuitive.

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