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Basic course, Svyatoslav Kulikov Key Test Processes. Rex Black The Art of Software. Testing, Glenford Myers, Tom Budgett, Corey Sandler Google Testing, Arbon Jason, Carollo Jeff, Whittaker James “Software Testing. Fundamentals of Enterprise Application Management, Sam Kaner, Jack Faulk, Yeng Kek Nguyen Book for beginners, Olga Nazina Agile Test, Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory Software Testing by Ron Patton Lessons Learn from Software Testing by Jem Kaner, James Bach, Bret Pettichord How to Hack Web Software by Mike Andrews, James A. Whittaker James A. Whittaker “How to break software security Perfect Software and Other Illusions of Testing, Gerald Weinberg.

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What is the result. The result will be knowlge of the basics and theory of tests, an understanding of the differences between types of tests and processes for working with documentation. After completing this stage, you should try to complete simple tasks Colombia Mobile Number List on the online platform. QA work as an engineer for adults In general, if you want a real job, then go for a permanent job in a normal company. QA Engineer. Or a test engineer. Here, unlike freelancing, you will be paid for the work, and not for the errors found. Where to find a job for an inexperienc software tester Yes a lot of places.

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The main thing is to train well. What I wrote above. So QA engineers are waiting with open arms Companies developing any software Game Developers Mobile Application Developers Financial companies such as banks. Or stock brokers B to B Database System integrators. If you don’t know who I am, don’t just remember the name Sometimes factories or manufacturing companies Web Research In short, you will not be left without a job. And the best part is that the work of a tester is in great demand in Western companies.

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