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How to do digital public relations social communicator and journalist specialist. In public relations and marketing. Platanitos a shoe store that sells soy sauce marketing university. This is the case of the success of a peruvian company. That went from ing a women’s footwear boutique to an omnichannel. Platform with brands smart lockers live stream and stores throughout the country. Pro mont director of platanitos talks to us about e-commerce. Advertising and the re-transformation of platanitos a company that has start. To sell kitchen supplies maintaining its relevant and coherent communication with the end. User during this constant metamorphosis.

Bad reputation

Organic growth of a shoe store “we start in with a small store call banana boutique which sold shoes. My mother the founder brought from china. The same shoes that were sold in europe and the unit states. But at an affordable price. That allow mobile app designs service us to reach the consumer’s mind but by word of mouth cause. We did not have the budget to advertise massively and we gan to win. The hearts of customers with a single store. In – we had a problem with banana republic and we were forc to change. The name of banana – which was the initial one – to platanitos; change.

Operating losses

That did not affect us at all cause the place and the service were more position than the brand. We grew organically as most retailers do opening one store B to B Database per year since . Each store we open came our advertising people found out about and saw the platanitos brand. They identifi us as our own brand women’s footwear. We expand to other provinces within peru and that’s how we grew. Until in the year out of every peruvians . Knew that platanitos was a women’s shoe store. We were position and doing well. We continu to expand and open new markets within peru.

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