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Cons or pros. Upcoming groups Crowdtesting Platforms – “Nursery for the Tester So, as I wrote above, you can get initial experience as a tester without having experience in the so calle crowd testing platforms. What are crowd testing platforms? This is a kind of freelance exchange. On the one hand, they are populate by buyers who nee to test something. On the other hand, there are software testing specialists. Work on almost all platforms for crowd testing is built on the same principle. There is some introductory trainingext comes the entrance test. I hope you are suitable for real projects.

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You can start pumping up your rating, because your “salary will depend on it. And income is usually calculate in English tugriks. And in principle, not bad. But it’s important to know. On most crowd testing platforms, payment is ONLY for bugs Lebanon Mobile Number List found! Also, you should catch these bugs earlier than other testers. If you’re late or can’t find, wello legs, no cartoons Yes, remember. The more bugs you find, the higher your reward will be! tester work Platforms for crowd testing are mostly “bourgeois. Here are some of them. Starts only in English or German.

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Part translate not completely into Russian. But there is a high probability of getting a job in English. If you have worke on one of them, rate which one you like best test is one of the oldest crowd testing platforms testbirds there is an option for Russian speaking users passbrains is another website for software testing global apptesting another crowd B to B Database testing site ubertesters is another testing platform German testlio also finds a site for those who are looking for a job as an inexperience software tester crowdtesting and much more. This is already in Russian, which is a rarity in the world of test platforms.

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