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The subpages on which your offer is locat or short product descriptions of an online store do not give you opportunities as large as blog entries. However, it’s not about “pouring water” and writing a blog about nothing, just to make up words. The length of posts alone is not a ranking factor in itself. Simply, more extensive content allows for better optimization and contains more content that users are looking for of course, if you take proper care of what appears in these entries. Long content gets over % more backlinks on average than short content.

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Dwell Time extension To put it simply, the blog and its longer forms of speech that appear there help to increase the average time spent on the site. A user who finds your company blog from the search results will probably spend more time there, getting to Benin Mobile Number List know the content that interests them, than if they just took a look at the assortment or services you offer. Blog bas content marketing how to write valuable blog content correctly. Research a relevant topic Focus on the content your audience is really looking for. If you know your customers and your assortment, you know exactly what content they may be interest in.

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Search with special tools which phrases and keywords rank you and focus on them as well when constructing the title and headings to match Google searches. Smuggling interesting and proven information, interesting for the client Create B to B Database various forms of entries guides, expert articles, reviews, rankings, etc. Focus on specifics, but do not run away from curiosities and inspirations. Sometimes the smallest “smacks” can be the key to success. Building the image of an expert Do you feel you know what you’re doing. Great! Take advantage of this and create your image as a cut specialist in your industry.

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