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Group Product Manager Uliana Zherinova founder of the Townsend agency. Instagram Promotion by GeekBrains Course duration lessons. Level for beginners. Training format video lessons + practical exercises. Answers no With certificate Training program About the course. What should you pay attention to before promoting. Dangerous and safe methods of promotion. Official advertising on Instagram. Task General PR Get to the TOP and recommended food Comments. Surveys and recommendations. Marathons Interactive times and the like. History masks Masslooking, masslike and massfollowing. Gibea external traffic. Conclusion.

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What you will learn Dangerous and safe methods of promotion on Instagram Set up targeted ads General PR Hitting the TOP and recommended feed Who runs the course Olesya Rozhkova VK, Instagram Marketing specialist with over years of experience Corporate blogger Member of the CIS Speakers Association Managed PR campaigns for Norway Mobile Number List international brands Toshiba, Plantronics, Eaton, etc. Internet marketing in minutes The online course consists of video lessons and a test to consolidate knowledge. The course gives an understanding of how to build a development path in the field of marketing, what channels and tools for promotion you need.

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During the course you will learn everything related to marketing and sales, internet marketing tools how to define and segment your target audience how to do a competitive analysis how to create a unique selling proposition and how to use it how to prepare a platform for online promotion choosing a social network, creating a website or landing page B to B Database what channels exist to attract traffic Why do you need content marketing. Google Data Studio for SMM specialists and analysts Google Data Studio is a service that helps you combine data from different sources into a common report. This program will be useful for both SMM and analysts who want to automate the reporting process.

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