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As well as monitoring emerging comments, which will significantly shorten the response time of the clinic. See the full report. Qclinique Qclinique is a beauty salon offering a range of treatments, face care, firming and body shaping, laser therapy, injection lipolysis, Botox, as well as massages. When it comes to reviews in the Google business card, they look really good, which encourages you to use the services. The average rating remains almost constant. However, this does not mean that there is no room for action. First of all, you should ensure the regularity of new reviews in the last quarter only two customers shar their opinion.

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View Qclinique’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory. The clinic respond to of the reviews receiv, but it is worth paying attention to the response time, which must be shorten, especially in the case of negative reviews. You should also make an effort to respond to any new feback. See the full report. POWAB Clinic POWAB Clinic offers lip Hong Kong Phone Numbers List filling with hyaluronic acid, lifting and modeling of select body parts, mesotherapy, laser depilation, manicure and picure and many other treatments perform by experienc staff. The office enjoys a very good rating in Google’s business card, what’s more, the average is constantly growing.

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Keep your listing regularly updat with new reviews by sending out review invitations to your customers. It will certainly be a good idea to analyze opinions in terms of sentiment, which will tell you what aspects ne improvement. See the POWAB Clinic B to B Database profile in the Rating Captain opinion catalogue In addition to the rating, the business card is also decorat with photos from customers post along with the opinion. It is worth noting that POWAB Clinic customers willingly write longer reviews only of reviews do not contain text.

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