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The doctor add that the whole visit is infantile because I expect help from him writes one of the patients. Another says that he was ask to leave the ER with a profusely bleing hand wound. There are many more flowers. Try it for free To better understand what problems there are in the mical industry, we look at the opinions of patients who describ their visit experience in negative reviews. Positive opinions are also important, but they will not tell us what mical facilities in Poland cannot cope with.

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The opinions select in the analysis concern both mical centers and specialist offices from the private and public sector coming directly from the National Health Fund. Despite the fact that the image of the private health service its business cards Italy Phone Numbers List on Google Google My Company and profiles on various online social networking sites. Facebook, ZnanyLekarz is rat better on the Internet than the state own NFZ, the cases, the problems are practically the same. The mical industry in the eyes of patients. Opinion analysis Below is a list of the categories of the most common problems that appear in the opinions of dissatisfi customers or rather patients relat to mical services.

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We will then provide some examples of user feback for each category and some responses to dissatisfi patients from the industry. We will also propose solutions that will help increase the trust of new customers. Why is it so important? Because of patients check online reviews before choosing and going to a doctor. However, our B to B Database recommendations will be of no use if the facilities do not respond to the recurrence of problems, so they will continue to work as before. What are negative patient reviews on Google My Business listings about? List of categories and reasons why, according to patients.

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