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Content manager Content refers to materials messages, images, photos, videos, audio for websites, social networks and others. The content manager is responsible for developing the content plan, as well as direct layout, creation and selection of materials. Targetologist The targeting specialist is engage in the creation of advertising in social networks. This specialist is responsible for ensuring that advertisements are shown to a specific group of people who may be intereste in services, products or content. In other words, he trains your target audience.

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Designer The designer creates posters, layouts, banners, posters and other creative materials. He creates various objects, makes illustrations and is generally responsible for creativity. The designer is also involve in the development of advertising, websites, merchandising, social meia and more by creating visual materials. Typesetter This is a simple job that involves typing and eiting. Quite often, printing houses reprint materials manuscripts, scanner List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers documents in digital format. Content Marketer Content marketing work involves creating content and marketing services, brands, companies, or products. With the help of content marketing, something is promote not only in the form of advertising, but also with the creation of certain materials content for advertising marketing.

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Manager SMM manager in the list of require professions SMM stands for Social Meia Manager. This specialist promotes a brand, product, service or company on a particular social network. It not only publishes promotional messages, but also attracts the audience to the group account, makes a content plan and analyzes data base on previous B to B Database messages. B B sales specialist The job of a business to business salesperson is to present and or sell a specific service or product. The work is relate to the sale exclusively to corporate clients. Additionally, the B B employee is looking for clients and works on an existing basis. Web Designer The web design industry belongs to the field of web development.

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